You will be able to buy StreamIt Coins from crypto exchange and send them to your StreamIt account coin address. Use those funds to set rewards for your subscribers / viewers. You will need to authorize & authenticate the StreamIt bot to access your channel.


The StreamIt bot sits on your channel 24/7 and monitors activities. As soon as a stream is live, it starts counting every user’s view time by checking their presence in the stream every 30 seconds. If you have set an hourly reward, once a viewer with non-subscription or a Tier-subscription idle time reaches 1 hour they are gifted the coins released to them from your deposited funds.


Whenever a reward is paid a log gets registered in your dashboard for both you as the Streamer and the viewer as the receiver. Viewers receive Automated Direct Messages (DM) via Twitch chat or YouTube Super chat showing they have received the reward. Thus you do not have to worry about notifying your viewers about the gift they received for supporting your video.


StreamIt is the simplest way to show your gratitude. Just set the amount and the tier and watch people being rained with Stream coins. You can also run competitions and tip active participants. The StreamIt dashboard also allows you to view the idle statistics and all transactions and also lets you time-ban or permanently ban your trolls or certain users from getting rewards on your streams.

Streamit Platform

Registered StreamIt Streamers will be able to set Rewards for Subscribers classified upto 3 Tiers, set Rewards for non-subs, view idle statistics, view all transactions, time-ban or permanently ban certain users from getting rewards on their streams, run competitions, and reward active chatters.

With StreamIt's video bot, @streamit_bot, people can tip and rain to anybody, and they may also deposit and withdraw at anytime. People do not have to register their E-Mail for tipping, raining, or withdrawing, however to a Registered Streamer will be able to use the Web Dashboard for further analytics and controls.

All accounts are given a StreamIt wallet address, along with a private key just in case you lose your Social media account or launch new channels. Registered users also get to opt-in to Two Factor Authentication (2FA) via E-Mail.

StreamIt is a service for Live streamers or vloggers or YouTubers to give their subscribers rewards based upon their subscription tier. Subscribers who watch and/or idle in StreamIt Registered Streams earn StreamIt Coin, which can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. This will help the Streamers retain viewers and build and grow their channel.

If you are the person who loves watching a game and not playing it, StreamIt makes it possible for you to earn while you watch someone else play your favorite game.

You be able to view how active a participant you have been as well. Our dashboard will give you a special calculator to help you to see how much you can earn just by viewing a stream.

You can search streams by categories and content of channels and also decide on which stream to watch depending on the reward each streamer is paying.p>

StreamIt is not only the new way to grow but also a new way to earn while having fun! No more 'avocados' or 'power ups' or a plain 'thank you', earn real money while you spend time watching your favorite streamer host your favorite program.